Masters In Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (MEd-TAFL)

US University for Technology, Science and Arts – USSAT Masters in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language, is a graduate degree program intended to address student competencies of excellence locally and internationally, to provide a broadly educated student, through the provision of knowledge creation, research skills and competencies based on scientific process and findings for teaching Arabic Language as a foreign Language.


The Masters program in TAFL at the US University of Technology, Science and Arts, build a strong cognitive and psycholinguistic research focus and equipped students with the technology competences needed. This program is designed for students working in the domain of adult second language acquisition.

The program prepares its graduates to work in the academia, the education sector, government and non-profit organizations, and industry.

Career Opportunities

Alumni apply their critical language skills in a variety of professional fields in public and private sectors as well as government, helping to support America’s competitiveness across the board.TAFL scholars represent the breadth and diversity of the United States. Through personal engagement they help to spread American values and develop mutual understanding with the people of other countries.

Program Learning Outcomes

Our rigorous curriculum is taught by renowned language education experts. It balances coursework in the domains of language, pedagogy, and research, with the goal of expanding your career opportunities. You will learn to effectively teach languages to in-person and online students.

You will develop teaching practices that enhance your students’ language learning, create instructional units and lessons that maximize your effectiveness in the classroom, and design research studies and assessment tools to highlight the most relevant opportunities for improvement. Your capstone courses will strengthen your expertise, integrating all of the learning from your program.

The program is of a total of 30 Credit Hours (10 cr Capstone Graduation Project & 20 cr Core/Elective). The student should fullfil the program requirements:

Modules Credits    Code
Principles of Linguistic Analysis     2 ED TAFL 6001
Testing & Evaluation in FLT     3 ED TAFL 6002
Second Language Acquisition     3 ED TAFL 6003
Methods of Teaching a Foreign Language     3 ED TAFL 6004
Contrastive Analysis in Second-Language Teaching/Learning     2 ED TAFL 6005
Preparation of Educational Materials     2 ED TAFL 6006
Bilingualism and Multilingualism     3 ED TAFL 6007
The Heritage Language Speakers’ Learning Disabilitites     2 ED TAFL 6008
Linguistic Skills     3 ED TAFL 6009
Applied Linguistics     2 ED TAFL 6010
Instructional Technology     1 IT ITEC 5001
Pedagogical Tools and Techniques     3 HU PSY 5001
Learning Disabilities & Diversity management     3 HU PSY 5002
Literature Review     2 ED TAFL 7009
Comprehensive Exams     5
Graduation Credits   Code
 Capstone Graduation Project     10 ED TAFL 6011
Degree Requirements

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