Doctorate in Psychology

US University for Technology, Science and Arts – USSAT Professional Masters in Mental Health is a rewarding field that gives you the opportunity to make a real difference. While many roles in this field lead to the classroom, there are plenty of opportunities outside the traditional school setting as well. Working in the field of Mental Health taking on leadership roles can allow you to shape policies and improve the system from within.


The Doctorate of Psychology is a professional degree intended to prepare graduates for careers that apply scientific knowledge of psychology and deliver empirically based service to individuals, groups and organizations.

The demand for skilled psychology experts remains robust as organizations of all sizes seek strong, qualified candidates to navigate challenging and evolving professional landscapes.

Program Learning Outcomes

By the end of the program researcher will be able to:

  • Apply advanced psychology concepts and theories to real world challenges dealing with issues of emotion, behavior, motivation, and learning
  • Exhibit culturally diverse standards in working professionally with individuals, groups, and communities who represent various cultural and personal backgrounds
  • Evaluate existing frameworks and brainstorm new approaches to current and evolving conditions
  • Develop and implement advanced investigation methods in psychology research at the individual, group, and organizational levels
  • Conduct research aimed at improving practices and adding to the existing body of knowledge
  • Identify biases and form an in-depth appreciation of individual and community diversity, using methods and techniques appropriate to varying cultures, to develop and maintain inclusive environments
  • Critically evaluate applied psychology research methods, trends, and concepts

The program is of a total of 50 Credit

* 35 cr Core/Elective in max 2 years

* 15 cr Thesis in max 2 years

The student should fulfill the program requirements:
ModulesCredits   Code
Consultation and Collaboration in the Schools4ED TAFL 7001
Child and Adolescent Development for School Psychologists4ED TAFL 6006
Childhood Mental Health, Counseling, and Crisis Intervention/Prevention4ED TAFL 6005
Neuropsychological Assessments4ED TAFL 6009
Advanced Biological Psychology4ED TAFL 6004
Readings in English in the specialization2 
Comprehensive Exams1 
ModulesCredits  Code
 Research Siminar and Research Guidance1ED TAFL 6011
Thesis ( Thesis preparation & Defense) or Equivalent20ED TAFL 6012

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