Certified Marketing Professional

US University for Technology, Science and Arts – USSAT Asynchronous Diploma, is a graduate non-degree program intended to address student competencies of excellence locally and internationally, to provide a broadly educated student, through the provision of knowledge creation, skills and competencies based on academic, experimental and work experience.


When you’re ready to advance your career, US University of Technology, Science and Arts can help you gain confidence and prove you have the skills to make an impact. Our programs are as flexible as your schedule but rigorous enough to show you have stand-out knowledge to solve modern business challenges.

Program Learning Outcomes

An international accredited qualification for professional development and career success showing you have substantial skills, competence and knowledge.

As a member of a small team, a leader of a large department or an entrepreneur out on their own, CMP is a way to prove you have the knowledge you need across a broad spectrum of marketing topics.

The program is of a total of 1.2 CEU*. The student should fullfil the requirements of all the courses required for the program:
*1 continuing education unit (CEU) = 10 contact hours

Fall Semester    Code
Internet Marketing Fundamentals    BM IMF 0144 A
Marketing Basics    BM MB 0145 A
Multi Level Marketing    BM MLM 077 A
Social Media Marketing    BM SMM 082 A
Trade Show Staff Training    BM TSST 083 A
Comprehensive Exams     

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